Fenixloods II on Katendrecht


History, culture and creative companies in Fenixloods II
The Droom en Daad foundation has been given the opportunity to acquire the Fenixloods II on Katendrecht, one of the former docks in Rotterdam. The City of Rotterdam agrees with the intention to sell, because the ambitions of Droom en Daad make an important contribution to the development of the Katendrecht district. On the ground floor there will be a combination of cultural, culinary and creative facilities. On the first floor, Droom & Daad has plans to tell the story of emigrants. From 1872 onwards, the area around Katendrecht and the Wilhelminapier had developed into the location from which millions left the Old World in search of a better life, in the first place, via Ellis Island, in New York. The Stadsarchief, Maritiem Museum, Museum Rotterdam, Nederlands Fotomuseum and Wereldmuseum will corporate to realise a permanent exhibition on immigration. Ellis Island is also a partner. 

Posted 12 March 2018

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Robert Simons, alderman for Urban Development and Integration: "Droom en Daad is a philantropic foundation in Rotterdam which exists for the people of Rotterdam, without the desire to make money. Their plan for Fenixloods II ensures that the historic building is retained and will soon add something for the residents of Katendrecht. In the Fenix warehouse, there will be room for culture, creative businesses and culinary experiences, but there are also plans for childcare, for example. That fits well with the development of Katendrecht."
Wim Pijbes, director of Stichting Droom en Daad: “The Fenix tells a Rotterdam story with a worldly perspective. With the transformation of this historic port building we can make connections between the city and the world and between visitors and residents.”
Fenix warehouse
The history of the Fenix warehouses is closely connected with that of Rotterdam and of Katendrecht in particular. Inaugurated in 1923 as the largest warehouse in the world, the enormous reinforced concrete building served the storage and transhipment of goods. In 1944 the warehouse was blown up by the German occupiers and since 1950 largely rebuilt as two separate buildings. Then the warehouses also got the current name: Fenixloodsen, named after the mythological mythical creature that rises again and again from its own axis. According to the plans of Stichting Droom en Daad for the Fenix II, the roof will in the future have a freely accessible viewpoint with a 360 degree view of the river Maas, Katendrecht and Rotterdam. The plans will be further developed this year, together with various parties. The ground floor offers space for cultural, culinary and creative facilities. The ground floor will be maintained in its current design until the beginning of 2020. Then the renovation will start. Approximately 200 homes are currently being built in the adjacent Fenix I warehouse.
Droom en Daad Foundation
The Droom en Daad Foundation was established in 2016 as a philantropic foundation to make the city of Rotterdam permanently more beautiful and better. The foundation focuses on art and culture across the board. The Droom en Daad Foundation initiates its own projects and supports existing institutions, particularly in those areas where Rotterdam has opportunities for growth.
Parklaan 22
3016 BB  Rotterdam

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