Visible Light, One Design Space, photo by Dessislava Madanska  



4 April 2017through 9 April 2017

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8th edition of Ventura Lambrate 2017
Lamp, light and beyond
A lively and exploratory interest in lighting illuminates our Ventura Lambrate 2017 exhibition spaces, where designers look beyond the mere aesthetics of lamps and investigate the effects that lighting has on its surroundings and on those who view it. The participating designers search for new methods and techniques for recreating natural types of light and seek the perfect balance between light and colour, transcending the ordinary lamp.  
Some exhibitors enhance the scope of light even further and interlink its possibilities with the setup of design installations. By combining different disciplines, these installations create a viewer experience and imbue the space with new ideas.

Re-thinking the lamp
The UK-based studio One Design Space was inspired by the added value that colour gives to lighting. By creating colour-dyed acrylic geometrically shaped disks that can be placed in front of the light, the studio provides the user with endless possibilities for playing with tone and atmosphere. Given the decisive impact that light can have on a spectator, One Design Space cleverly hands over control of the colour variations to the users, encouraging them to actively influence the illumination of their surroundings.
Studio Thier&vanDaalen returns to Ventura Lambrate with their latest project ‘VAPOUR Light’. ‘The irregular shape of the lamp found its origin in our fascination for movement of structures in nature and the contrast between straight and organic shapes. The way a flower blooms, how beautifully vapour rises up in the air or the hypnotising effect of rolling water,’ explain Iris van Daalen and Ruben Thier. The graceful look of the aluminium lamp, which can be hung both vertically and horizontally, is a great example of the studio’s minimalist form of language.
Like Studio Thier&vanDaalen, OliveLab take natural forces as the basis for their designs. Playing with gravity and magnetic force, the two young Italian designers’ latest project is a lamp in which functionality is determined by equilibrium. The light of the minimalist and subtle ‘Equilibrio lamp’ is only diffused through the Plexiglas when the two vertical parts of the lamp are in perfect balance.
Enlightening installations

With a background in the arts, the Dutch designer Lambert Kamps plays with the potentials of design, art and architecture. These different disciplines come together in his ‘Tube Lamp Clock’, an installation of 30 pneumatically moved tube lamps that are installed and steered as a digital clock. The numbers indicating the time progress as the lamps move in and out of their outer tubes by the force of compressed air, in this way forming a functioning clock.

Studio Catinca Tilea uses participatory designs to engage and educate an audience. Her ‘#1minuteLamp’ is a perfect example of an installation that prompts the viewer to wonder how lighting works. By adding materials to the surface of an interactive base, members of the public are able to light up the underlying LED lamps, getting a glimpse of how a lighting circuit works. Through this self-proclaimed 'Internet of Things meets DIY culture-setup’, the user learns to understand how materials work and how light propagates through different densities, volumes, textures, and colours.
Using light as a key variable in the installation, Basten Leijh Design Studio plays with the concept of presentation. At Ventura Lambrate 2017, Basten Leijh will show several of his latest products and concepts, individually displayed in a cylinder of light, the beam encased in a Kvadrat fabric sleeve. In collaboration with Modular Lighting, the exhibition setup allows the warmth and intensity of the light beam to be personalized through a connectivity app, matching the rise of the Internet of Things. 
Ventura Lambrate 2017 is also presenting projects relating to the concept of lighting, with contributors among others: Umut Yamac, Umberto Garcia, Mitsue Kido, University of Lapland, TAKT PROJECT Inc, SERIAL, Roberto Rota and VANTOT
Ventura Lambrate - General opening hours 
10:00-20:00 Tuesday 4 April – Saturday 8 April
10:00-18:00 Sunday 9 April
Ventura Lambrate - Open Evening 
20:00-22:00 Wednesday 5 April

Via Ferrante Aporti 15, 20125, Milano, Italy

Studio Thier & Van Dalen: Infinity Glass Panels

Studio Thier & Van Dalen: Round Square_High Cabinets

Studio Thier&vanDaalen: Interior Reflections
Foto by Noortke Knulst

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