cube waves, 2016, painting in acrylic glass, 18 x 17 x 17 cm, Susi Kramer.



6 April 2018through 28 April 2018

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Laurel Holloman and Susi Kramer
Vernissage: Thursday 5 April 2018, from 6 to 8 pm
The Luciana Matalon Foundation is pleased to present the exhibition Color Forest, duo-show by Laurel Holloman and Susi Kramer (from Friday 6 April to Saturday 28 April 2018, opening on Thursday 5 April from 6 to 8 pm). The abstract paintings of Holloman (USA, 1971) will dialogue in a completely new situation with the acrylic glass sculptures of Kramer (Switzerland, 1947), thus telling the audience of the encounter between two artists although they belonged to different worlds and generations, they established a surprisingly rich and readable dialogue.
At the center of the work of both, there is the color: that it is painted in large material and suggestive backgrounds, as in the works of Holloman, or imprisoned in purity of forms in the acrylic glass that is the signature of Kramer, the wise use of the color will lead the visitor on a journey of the joy of living, of the Mediterranean atmospheres, of the feminine sensitivity to nature and feelings combined with constant experimentation and technical mastery.  

On display more than 30 works, mostly pieces made specifically for the Milan exhibition or representative of the most recent production of both artists. Both for Laurel Holloman and Susi Kramer, the one at the Matalon Foundation is the first exhibition in Milan, for Kramer in absolute terms the first in Italy. 

After 20 years in film production, Laurel Holloman (www.laurelholloman.net) works in Los Angeles as full-time artist since 2010. She is known for the vibrant use of colors and for large works, capable of capturing tumultuous emotions with a pictorial movement that almost creates a three-dimensional illusion. She has had several solo shows in Paris and London and she was invited in 2016, by the Jan van der Togt Museum in Amsterdam to create the solo exhibition Everglow. She also exhibited twice in Venice, in 2012 for a solo show and in 2013, she was one of the participants of a collateral event in the official program of the Venice Art Biennale. She also had the privilege to have her show in Berlin curated by Lea Mattarella. Laurel Holloman quotes: “Thanks to her encouragement Lea helped me to deepen my work and explore its symbolic language. She understood the emotion and spirituality of my work and continued to be an advisor and advocate.”
Susi Kramer (www.susikramer.ch), originally from Switzerland is an international, multimedia artist working in Ateliers in Oberhof (CH), Paris and Cannes (F). She has been capturing colors in her acrylic glass for more than 2 decades and realized many pieces in art and in architecture that have been exhibited in many countries like Iran, Germany, Hong-Kong, France and Switzerland. She just completed in Basel, a 3 months retrospective showing 40 years of a very creative career with the display of her most significant sculptural and painted pieces. A book “Artist Absolutely” was published at the occasion. The transparent media reflects her layering work and thoughts in an amazing way. It visually generates a strong three-dimensional play with the complicity of light and shade. Her famous cubes, steles and figures in acrylic glass give an airy feeling, floating and dreamlike that lifts us to a visionary, border-crossing future.
Tuesday - Saturday 10-19
Closed on Sundays and Mondays
Free admission

Foro Buonaparte 67, Milan, Italy

Susi Kramer-Wunderblumenfeld-2014 acrylic glass-pigments-11x16x25 cm

steles, painting in acrylic glass,  170
200 x 7, 4  x 5, 8 cm, Susi Kramer.

Laurel Holloman-Death and Flowers-2018-oil on canvas-152x122cm

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