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17 October 2016through 10 November 2016

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Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde – Play with Glass – European Glass Festival 
opening: 17 October 2016, 5 pm – Wroclaw Central Train Station – Session Room
Kalina Banka – Poland; Jakub Berdych Karpelis – Czech Republic; Æsa Björk – Iceland/Norway; Javier Blanco – Spain; Jana Hojstricová, Palo Macho – Slovakia; Krista Israel – Netherlands; Maria Koshenkova – Russia/Denmark; Magdalena Kucharska – Poland; Sini Majuri – Finland; Mihály Melcher – Hungary; John Moran – USA/Belgium; Silvio Vigliaturo – Italy; Janusz Walentynowicz – Denmark/USA; Krzysztof Walaszek – Poland; Bernd Weinmayer – Germany/Austria; Dana Zámecníková – Czech Republic; Barbara Zworska-Raziuk – Poland 
Curator: Anita Bialic
Wroclaw – Wroclaw Central Train Station – Session Room – 17.10.2016–10.11.2016
Tuesday – Friday, Sunday – 1 pm – 7 pm / Saturday – 10 am – 7pm
Lódz – Municipal Art Gallery – Re:Medium Gallery – ul. Piotrkowska 113 – 17.11.2016–10.12.2016
Legnica – RING Gallery – Pl. Katedralny 1 – 16.12.2016–29.01.2017
Kraków – BB Gallery – ul. Skaleczna 5 – 07.02.2017–31.03.2017
Festival Debut: Beginning – Sebastian Kitzberger – Czech Republic 
EGF exhibition:
Where is my paradise? – Shige Fujishiro – Japan
Travellers – Marta Gibiete – Latvia
Transfer – Antonina Joszczuk
Flamingos and Inselbergs – Stefan Sadowski
INSIDE – Magdalena Tyc-Witwicka
HOT DOG – Stani (Stanislaw Jan Borowski) 
Still Life – Anna Galuszka
Memory Cards – Malgorzata Mitka

Festival programme
“We see glass as a solid substance, but in fact, it is a liquid; there are so many ways to use it. We have only scratched the surface,” said Zesty Meyers, who joins Evan Snyderman to make B Team, whose designs include works using liquid glass.
The main exhibition of the 5th edition of the Play with Glass European Glass Festival, which bears the provocative title of Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde, covers the gamut of possibilities available to glass artists in the twenty-first century. In Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson’s world-famous novella The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1886), a distinguished London doctor, Henry Jekyll, turns into the cruel Edward Hyde through a serum of his own invention. Jekyll is unable to reconcile himself to the acts he performs as Hyde, and commits suicide.
Stevenson’s novella is a portrait of a person who is pathologically divided; it introduced the phrase “Jekyll and Hyde” into our colloquial language to describe a person with a split personality. Will turning Dr Jekyll into a Mrs Hyde prevent the suicide? Or will Mrs Hyde, like her male counterpart, turn out to be a monster…? The eighteen artists from thirteen European countries who have been invited to take part in the main exhibition of this year’s festival have received a difficult task: to use glass to present a personal tale of a contemporary Dr Jekyll, alienated in the industrial and virtual space of the twenty-first century.
In viewing the works specially prepared for the exhibition, we have no doubt that, as an artistic medium, glass offers limitless opportunities for expression and uncovering the truth of the world that surrounds us.
One year ago, a The Wall Street Journal headline ran: “Glass Becomes the Art World’s Buzziest Material.” The Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde exhibition confirms that glass is “buzzy” indeed.
About the Festival
For the fifth time running, glass artists and enthusiasts will be meeting from 15–23 October in Wroclaw for the Play with Glass – European Glass Festival. With every passing year the festival excites more interest in Poland and abroad. It is steadily becoming one of Europe’s most important glass art events.
We invite outstanding European glass artists crossing three generations to take part in the festival. In this way, we seek to show the great opportunities glass can provide artists. At the same time, we track the changes that have occurred in the use of this material over the space of the past few decades.
The most important event of the Play with Glass – European Glass Festival is the main exhibition, devoted to a different theme every year, presented at the historical Session Hall at Wroclaw’s Main Railway Station, the City Gallery in Lód?, the Karkonosze Museum in Jelenia Góra, and the Art Gallery in Legnica. This year’s main exhibition, Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde, will be accompanied by displays organized at ten Wroclaw galleries, including the Debut Festival at the Arttrakt Gallery, presenting
work by a young Czech designer, Sebastián Kitzberger, nominated in 2015 for the Discovery of the Year, the Czech Grand Design Awards, and Where is my Paradise?, a solo exhibition by an outstanding German-based Japanese artist, Shige Fujishiro, at the SiC! BWA Wroclaw Gallery.
The festival will also include an international seminar on European glass art and numerous arts and education projects, including: Glass in Wroclaw’s Urban Space, Glass Display Case, The Glass Bus, and an Open House in Lower Silesian glass workshops and studios.
This fifth edition of the Glass Display Case project has inspired the students of the Faculty of Glass at the E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw to work together. Entering the “living” space of the city with their projects, they can see the direct impact of their work on the viewer. For the Glass in Wroclaw’s Urban Space project, over sixty glass public works have been inventoried and described, in churches, squares, and city streets. Fourteen of these are on Wroclaw’s first “glass route.”
Every year the festival program is joined by more Wroclaw galleries and glass artists, and new projects are initiated, including the Glass Picnic – the study trip organized this year is for journalists and artists taking part in the festival, as well as for specially invited guests; we will be going to the Karkonosze Museum in Jelenia Góra and Studio Borowski in Tomaszów Boleslawiecki.
During the four editions of the European Play with Glass Festival, the main exhibitions have been held in six cities: in Wroclaw, Krakow, Lódz, Jelenia Góra, Legnica, and Krosno. Participants have included sixty-six artists from thirty-two European countries, many of whom are renowned even outside of the continent.
It is our hope that this fifth anniversary edition of the European Glass Festival will only confirm its place as an important and valuable artistic event on the European art market. We also hope that it will finally allow us to find financial support for future editions of the project.
Anita Bialic, Kazimierz Pawlak
www.facebook.com / European Glass Festival
Mob.: +48 607 610 691 – Anita Bialic /+48 607 219 691 – Michal Soroka
1. Pijalnia Czekolady E. Wedel, ul. Rynek 59 – Natalia Komorowska
2. Ashama-Art, ul. Przejscie Garncarskie 4 – Emilia Marcjasz
3. Café Ksiegarnia Tajne Komplety, ul. Przej?cie Garncarskie 2 –
Ma?gorzata Amarowicz, Magdalena Burger
4. Machina Organika, ul. Ruska 19 – Alicja Granat
5. Kwiaty na Kotlarskiej, ul. Kotlarska 30 – Joanna Muzyka
6. Styks, ul. Wlodkowica 35 – Marcin Zajac
7. De’Molika, ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 65 – Gabrysia Osiniak
8. Ur, ul. Kotlarska 43 – Gabriela Komar
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Wroclaw Glówny
Pilsudskiego 105, Wroclaw, Poland

Dana Zamecnikova Czechy
Czech Republic
Clslo 127 / Nr 127 / No. 127 / 2016 / 2 x szklo/glass: 22 x 22 x 11 cm,
2 x postument/pedestal: 74,5 x 25 x25 cm

Maria Koshenkova Rosja / Dania
Russia / Denmark
2 HEARTS B&W / 2016 / 39 x 27 x 28 cm, 30 x 30 x 20 cm

Jana Hojstricov/Palo Macho. Slowacja, Slovakia
Strange Case / 2016 / 136 x 60 x 80 cm

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