The international art glass and design competition is organized by the Milan’s Sforzesco Castle in collaboration with the collector Sandro Pezzoli, who has always promoted glass-related initiatives, and with the support of Enrico Bersellini, Matteo Seguso, Aristide Najean and Silvia Levenson.
The international art glass and design competition offers an enhancement itinerary of the innovative way of working the glass material, both in the artistic and contemporary design fields. The choice of the city of Milan and the Sforzesco Castle intends to restate the historical continuity and centrality of the Milanese county seat in creating and exhibiting the glass works. 

Posted 4 October 2017

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The Sforzesco Castle boasts a remarkable collection of art glasses formed from the second half of the 19th century, thanks to donations from private collectors integrated with purchases made by the administration. This first nucleus, eminently historical and especially representative of the Murano’s production, was so extensively and systematically enriched in the first forty years of the twentieth century with many samples of Italian and European glasses directly gained from the Biennials of Monza and Triennials of Milan that the Castle’s civic museums ended up having a very substantial and representative nucleus of the art glass production in the first half of the twentieth century.
The recent storage of the collection Bellini Pezzoli (2016) has made it possible to fill the gaps of the last part of the twentieth century and the beginning of the year 2000 so that the collection is today one of the largest, most complete and up-to-date in Italy. This vocation for the conservation and study of the art glass has also been consolidated by publications and exhibitions and is now being extended also thanks to a competition that wants to help keeping the interest and the artistic mastery in the glass processing alive.
General information
The competition is open to participants who have not yet reached their 35th year of age, by September 10th.
The competition will be biennial, its first edition will be held in 2018 and the finalists with their works will take part in an exhibition hosted in the halls of the Milan’s Sforzesco Castle.
Awards and jury
The finalists will compete for the conferment of the following awards:
— “Aldo Bellini” award-acquisition of € 3500,00 
— “Enrico Bersellini” innovation-award:
two stays in Murano: the first of 30/40 days at the furnace La Cattedrale of A. Najean for a glassblowing internship; the second of 30/40 days at the engraving, cameo manufacturing and copper-wheel engraving workshop at Matteo Seguso;
— Inspirational award, a 15-day stay at Silvia Levinson’s artistic studio for learning or deepening the lost wax casting technique.
The acquisition award winner will cede the work that will be part of the Milan’s Sforzesco Castle’s collections.
The jury will consist of 7 members including a keeper of the Milan’s Civic Museums, an art historian, a design historian, an artist, a designer and an international curator. The composition of the jury will be announced at the same time of the announcement of the finalists.
Enrolment: from September 10 to December 30, 2017
Publication of results: February 28, 2017
Delivery: works must be received between April 20 and 30, 2018
Inauguration: Monday, May 14
Duration of the exhibition: May 14 – June 14
NB: Any contribution spent for international shipping over € 200,00 will be paid by the promoters in the form of a refund.
Sforzesco Castle
Castello Sforzesco
Piazza Castello, 20121 Milano MI, Italy
+39 02 8846 3700

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