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22 October 2016through 30 October 2016

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Bottle up

Klokgebouw, hal 4:10 (Strijp S) Eindhoven
bottle-up presents its new products during Dutch Design Week: bottle | brick and Trending Terrazzo. A building block and a decorative material made from the glass waste left behind by tourists in Zanzibar. These are the successful next steps in achieving bottle-up’s objectives: processing large quantities of glass waste in Zanzibar into materials that can be used on the island itself. These products can be seen during DDW, which runs from 22 to 30 October, in the Klokgebouw at Strijp-S in Eindhoven.
The exhibition tells the story behind bottle-up, explains the development process and presents the products.
We are pleased to invite you to the official presentation of Trending Terrazzo on October 28 at 17:00 at our new DDW stand in the Klokgebouw at Strijp-S. We are looking forward to welcoming you and to raise a glass together to bottle-up!
On behalf of the bottle-up team:
Elisabeth & Hubert van Doorne

bottle-up will present the results of its up-cycling of glass waste in Zanzibar during Dutch Design Week. What began in 2015 with an initial series of locally made glass products has now grown, with the help of a subsidy from the Creative Industries Fund NL into a new collection of products: Trending Terrazzo.
Trending Terrazzo 
Trending Terrazzo is a decorative material made from white cement and glass, in which the beautiful properties of glass remain visible and the fragments are given a valuable new purpose. It is perfect for the production of sustainable furniture, made in Zanzibar. The products are formed using unusual ‘moulds’ found on the island. So a metal wok became the basis for a little table and a piece of corrugated iron served as a mould for a table leg. 

The furniture will have a place in hotels in Zanzibar in the future, where it can replace imported furniture and support awareness for bottle-up and the recycling and up-cycling of glass.

bottle | brick 
bottle | brick is a building block made from glass and cement only. The product is still in its test phase, but the first prototypes prove that it is possible to make strong building blocks from cement, glass fragments and crushed glass. This method reduces the relatively expensive import of sand and gravel to the island. The foundation intends to use the income from the sale of bottle-up products to fund its expansion to large-scale production of the bottle | brick and so contribute to a cleaner island.
About bottle-up
Tourists are an increasingly important source of income in Zanzibar, but they also cause an increase in the amount of (glass) waste. The African island is not yet sufficiently equipped to process this waste, whereby the glass ultimately finds its way into the natural surroundings. But what if that same tourism could also contribute to the way in which the glass is processed? The bottle-up foundation is realising this dream, collaborating with Dutch designers and local craftsmen to create new products from glass waste. The aim: to process large quantities of glass waste into materials that can be used on the island itself.
The bottle-up project is an initiative of Elisabeth & Hubert van Doorne and the Dutch Design Foundation. The team of designers wholeheartedly dedicated to this up-cycling project consists of:
Sophie Mensen en Oskar Peet - OS ? OOS
Klaas Kuiken - Studio Klaas Kuiken
Pim van Baarsen - Super Local

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©Bottle up

©Bottle up

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